Accelerated Track Nursing

For people with a bachelor’s degree in a different field who want to earn their BSN as a second degree.

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Nursing Accelerated Track

If you already hold a bachelor’s degree in a different field, obtaining a Bachelor of Science in Nursing at Jewell can be done in a fraction of the time and cost of a four-year degree. We emphasize mind, body and spirit, both in the classroom and in life based upon our Nursing Hallmarks: Integrity, Compassion, Leadership, Scholarship, Excellence in Practice and Service to Others. Learn more about our fast track nursing program.

Why Accelerated Nursing at Jewell?

  • 85% employment rate prior to graduation
  • 100% employment rate within 3 months of graduation
  • Accelerated Track first-time NCLEX pass rate consistently over 90%
  • You will be more than a number. Our program recognizes and supports your strengths.
  • Enjoy your learning environment. Jewell’s beautiful campus is a great place to do your best work.
  • Take the lead. Learn critical thinking and leadership skills that will last your entire career.
  • Have the most competitive clinical experiences. Attend clinicals in the best hospitals and care facilities in the nearby Kansas City region.
  • Be on the path for NCLEX success. Our curriculum is designed to prepare you to pass NCLEX the first time you sit for nursing boards. The focus on critical thinking and clinical judgment in the classroom and clinicals works to prepare you for NCLEX style questions and safe nursing practice. You will take part in predictor exams, a content review program and an NCLEX live review. Our designated NCLEX Success Coordinator individually guides students to success. If you are actively engaged in the resources provided and the NCLEX coordinator’s instructions, you can be 100% successful!

How long will it take me to earn my BSN and when should I apply?

We offer two timeframes for the Nursing Accelerated Track.

12-Month Track

  • Begins in late May, and you will graduate in May the following year.
  • Priority deadline is December 15 before the May start
  • Final Deadline is March 15 before the May start

16-Month Track

  • Begins in January at the start of the spring semester and graduate in May the following year.
  • Priority Deadline is August 2 before the January start
  • Final Deadline is November 15 before the January start

Accelerated Nursing Program featured on Fox 4 KC news

Dr. Leesa McBroom, nursing chair: "Our students are usually looking to make a difference in their community, and nursing brings that for them. They're compassionate, caring people who want to use their intellect and critical thinking skills, but also care for people."

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Criteria for Program Selection

  • Preliminary Requirements

    • Bachelor’s degree from a regionally-accredited college or university
    • Completion of your application to William Jewell College
    • Submission of official copies of transcripts from all post-secondary institutions at which you have been enrolled in courses or have received financial aid, even if credit was not awarded
    • Applicants normally present a minimum GPA of 2.8 (on a 4.0 scale).  GPA may be calculated on applicant’s entire academic record or on last 3 years of college attendance whichever is higher.
    • One reference, preferably from an employer or a faculty member
    • Completion of pre-nursing admission exam such as Kaplan, TEAS or HESI.
      • Kaplan Admissions Exam – proctored by William Jewell College ($25 fee applies). Enroll to test: Register with Allie Foltz, Jewell Nursing Student Liaison: or 816-415-5072
      • TEAS-V (Test of Essential Academic Skills):
      • HESI (Health Education Systems Incorporated):
        Scores above national average. Preferences are given to candidates with a successful first attempt within the last two years. Consider taking an admission exam after completing half of the prerequisites including anatomy.
    • Record of successful academic progress with B- or better in first attempt of prerequisite courses. An attempt is defined as enrollment in a class with the following indication on a transcript a) course grade, b) incomplete = I, c) Withdraw = W.
    • Any transferred nursing courses, such as Nutrition, Pathophysiology and Pharmacology, must be completed with a grade of B- or better on the first attempt.
    • Prerequisites must be completed in the last ten years if they are a science course (Anatomy with Lab, Physiology with Lab, Chemistry with lab or Microbiology with lab). They must have been completed in the last five years if they are a Nursing course (Pathophysiology, Nutrition). Psychology does not have a time limit.
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  • Secondary Requirements

    • A selective and competitive interview with a member of the Nursing Department
    • If selected for interview, submit a resume at interview including any community, volunteer and/or health-related experiences.
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  • Prerequisites and Equivalencies

    You can enroll for any or all of the following coursework as needed at the corresponding school(s) with confidence. Documenting your ability to pass these courses with a grade of “B-” or better by requesting that the school(s) send separate and official transcripts directly to the Office of Admission at William Jewell College will result in fulfillment of prerequisite requirements upon verification by the Office of the Registrar.

    William Jewell College Nursing Prerequisites

    • Basic Psychology [PSY 101]
    • Pathophysiology [NUR 221]
    • Nutrition [NUR 211]
    • Microbiology with a lab [BMS 126/L]
    • Chemistry with a lab [CHE 113/L]
    • Anatomy with a lab [BMS 243/L]
    • Physiology with a lab [BMS 250/L]
    • College-level math course
    • College-level written communication course

    Metropolitan Community College

    • PSYC 140 - General Psychology
    • BIOL 137 - Intro to Pathology
    • BIOL 132 - Human Nutrition
    • BIOL 208 - Microbiology
    • CHEM 105 - Introductory Chemistry for Health Sciences
    • BIOL 110 - Human Anatomy
    • BIOL 210 Human Physiology
    • BIOL 109 - Anatomy and Physiology

    Johnson County Community College

    • PSYC 130 - Intro to Psychology
    • BIOL 227 - Human Pathophysiology
    • BIOL 235 - General Nutrition
    • BIOL 230 & 231 - Microbiology
    • CHEM 122 – Principles of Chemistry
    • BIOL 140 - Human Anatomy
    • BIOL 225 - Human Physiology

    Kansas City Kansas Community College

    • PSYC 101 - Psychology
    • BIOL 285 - Introduction to Pathophysiology
    • BIOL 145 - Nutrition
    • BIOL 261 & 262 - Microbiology & Lab
    • CHEM 109 - General Chemistry
    • BIOL 141 - Human Anatomy & Lab
    • BIOL 271 & 272 - Physiology & Lab
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  • Nursing Scholarship Resources

    Students interested in applying for these scholarships should visit the sponsoring websites for more information. Any students who are awarded external scholarships should communicate with the Business Office or Financial Aid to ensure those funds are sent to the College correctly and applied to the student account.

    > View the scholarship list.

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