Jewell education students will benefit from a true Jewell

2 women sitting in living room, smilingA 30-year friendship between Eileen Parry and Jewell Ramsey started at the Church of Christ in Liberty. After the City had to discontinue the OATS bus service, Jewell found herself without a way to get around town. Eileen, through her church, volunteered weekly to help Jewell and others. “I would pick them up and take them to the store, help carry their groceries into their homes and visit with them,” said Eileen.

Jewell was very appreciative of Eileen’s help, and, over time, the two women became more acquainted and naturally formed a bond. “Sometimes you meet people and instantly find a connection. Jewell was that type of person.”

As their friendship grew, Eileen asked Jewell if she would be interested in doing things besides grocery shopping. Their first outing was the movies. Sometimes they would go to dinner, museums, festivals and on trips to visit Jewell’s family. “Whatever was happening that weekend, we would go as the adventures awaited us. Jewell was willing to try anything I suggested.”

Eileen’s career as a teacher carried into their friendship. “I would sit in the rocking chair and tell Jewell about all the adventures with the school children that day. She was a great listener and loved to hear stories of my teachings. I felt like the students were ‘my kids’ and I think she did, too.” 

When Jewell passed away in 1995 from cancer, Eileen was a beneficiary of her will. She used the money wisely to pay off student loans and her mortgage, promising herself that one day when she was able, she would leave a legacy in Jewell’s name, and it would be to William Jewell College.

Eileen chose to establish the scholarship at William Jewell where she realized she had a love for education (after attending only one class!) and in support of education because that was her degree.

“I want to encourage and enable students to go to school and benefit from a scholarship in Jewell’s name. She was a loving person, so kind and giving and caring. I hope this scholarship will make an impact on future students, the ones who will go into the classroom and make a difference. Teaching is a wonderful gift you give to future generations.”

Thank you, Eileen (and Jewell), and all the In Pursuit campaign donors who have provided gifts to student scholarships. Learn how you can, too!