In Pursuit

Jewell's Campaign for the Future

In Pursuit

Those who know Jewell, whether they be alumni, donors, current students, staff or faculty, share a kindred spirit, a special connection to a College with a 174-year existence. We have walked The Hill and benefited in some way from Jewell’s rigorous academics, self-discovery, service to others and transformational power of critical thinking. And we have all benefited from an environment that celebrates a rich chorus of diverse voices.

In Pursuit: Jewell’s Campaign for the Future intentionally suggests the possibility of a better future for all who embrace critical thinking and act with purpose.

The $75 million campaign supports students, but it also enhances industry, the economy, our larger community and our leaders. These constituents are represented in our campaign priorities: People, Places and Programs.

Join Jewell in its pursuit to chart a bold path into the future.

“The In Pursuit campaign is a focused effort to support the College’s bold vision to be recognized as the top producer of engaged critical thinkers in Greater Kansas City and beyond. The campaign supports students but it also enhances industry, the local economy, community members, and leaders in our region. Please join me in investing in the people, places, and programs at Jewell that are truly changing the world!”

Steve Karbank, Campaign Cabinet Chair and Jewell Trustee

President's Message

In Pursuit: Jewell’s Campaign for the Future is fueling the long-term trajectory of the College and bringing us to the attention of the Greater Kansas City community. Please listen to the inspiring words of President MacLeod Walls about In Pursuit.

Introducing The Link

The Link Project is the largest capital project ever undertaken at Jewell. Both a transformation of a physical space and an enhancement of campus life, current and prospective students, faculty, staff, alumni and visitors will benefit from this magnificent facility.

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