Staff of the Office of Admission

Interested in learning more about William Jewell College? Our staff are teamed up to provide the best service possible based on where you are located. Your regional representative helps to keep you and your school updated about Jewell and your admission counselor is ready to review your application and help you with scholarships. Everyone in the Office of Admission is here to get to know you personally in order to make your transition to Jewell absolutely seamless. With contacts throughout campus, they can introduce you to future professors, coaches and current students in your specific areas of interest. Text or call, and they'll answer. Email, and they'll respond as quickly as possible.

Lydia Bunch, Assistant Director of Admissions

Oxbridge Honors graduate; joined Jewell in 2013

Serves all students interested in Oxbridge. Also serves students and counselors in high schools in Missouri (north of the Missouri River); California, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, and Nebraska. Text or call: 816-368-9150.

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Alexis Morris, Admission Counselor

Serves students and counselors in high schools in southern counties in Missouri. Text or call: 816-624-2461.

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Gina Mumpower-Turner, Assistant Director

Joined Jewell in 2020

Serves all transfer students. Text or call: 816-675-5516.

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Alexandra ElAttar, Admission Counselor

Serves first-year students and counselors in high schools in non-Missouri. Text or call: 816-354-1294

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William Palmer, Director of Student Recruitment

Joined Jewell in 2020

William leads the Office of Admission. He can help you with questions about the admission process. Call 816-415-7871.

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