Women's Council

Formed in 1965 by a group of Liberty area alumnae, the Women’s Council allows women from across the country to join together in their support of the College.

The council’s work includes funding scholarships for deserving female students and pursuing practical and aesthetic projects on campus. More than 100 scholarships have been awarded, along with significant funding for landscaping projects and the establishment of a First Ladies Gallery of portraits on campus. The Women’s Council maintains a membership of 200 to 300 members, with more than 100 of those being life members. In addition to funds from dues, the committee receives generous gifts from members in honor or in memory of others.


Since the establishment of Women's Council (formerly Woman's Committee), its members have been interested in providing financial support for women students enrolled at William Jewell College. Scholarships are awarded based on financial need, academic achievement, completed application and interview. Women's Council scholarships are funded by membership dues, money raised by special projects and direct contributions. To support this cause, go to the Women's Council Scholarship Donation Form.

Women's Council Spring Gathering

Photo Gallery

Scholarship presentations, spring decorating ideas from Mary Carol Garrity at Nell Hill's, and lunch at Trezo Mare

Supporting Jewell

The Women's Council has more than 50 years of history enhancing the campus and student experience

  • Women's Council Scholarship Archive

    Recipients since 1965
    1965-66   Keitha (Hagins) Boardman, Mary Carol Ice
    1966-67   Judy (Coffman) Boring, Vicki Larason
    1967-68   Eileen Barber
    1968-69   Betty Nead
    1969-70   Patricia White, Ruby Salvin
    1970-71   Bonnie (Stricker) Crossett; Linda Owen
    1971-72   Charlene (Davidson) Magee, Doreen Surber, Ing Soen
    1972-73   Carol Wear, Judith Walls, Kathy Myerscough
    1973-74   Nachi Chao, Joyce Hardison
    1974-75   Janet Harvey, Martha Seabough
    1975-76   Patti Allen, Brenda Burris
    1976-77   Amalia Burchez, Beth Mercer
    1977-78   Colette Cross,  Gwen DeLoach
    1979-80   Susan Reedy
    1980-81   Ann Chlapek, Aruni Corea, Twila Troudt
    1981-82   Lisa Bohannon, Kathy Fincher, Kathy Seat
    1982-83   Lisa Gray, Donna Kiehnhoff, Coreen Dawkins, Tracy Lynn Osborne
    1983-84   Carolyn Sue (Haddock) Piel, Gia Ann Simonie, Lisa Strausbough
    1984-85   Julie Adams, Susan Huff, Teresa Quigley
    1985-86   Althea Gerdes, Sally Burgess, Katherine Huckaby, Eliza Sanders
    1986-87   Stephanie Curp, Maralee Gibson, Tracey Osborne
    1987-88   Elizabeth Ann Kelly, Stacey Smith, Joy Bailey
    1988-89   Janet Ann Applegate, Lois Margaret Geiseke, Elizabeth Nelms
    1989-90   Meredith Stevenson, Susan Michelle Temple, Doty Mainey, Shanna Wilkinson
    1990-91   Debra Swope, Mary Frazier, Carol Beth Gentry
    1991-92   Megan Lassiter, Jennifer Opincarne, Dawn Ream, Dana Williams
    1992-93   Lana Xu, Karen Holman, JoDee Evelyn Martin, Jessi Lee Johnson
    1993-94   Grace Ann Milano, Joan Gryder, Patricia Miller
    1994-95   Sandra Elizabeth Bankston, Pamela Renee Evans, Stephanie Lynn Davidson, Judy Jesse
    1995-96   Amy Weir, Susan Aldrich, Sherry Bowles
    1996-97   Tess Pechak, Gigi Vulgamott, Sherry Bowles
    1997-98   Jessica Childers, Jaime Sadich, Kathy Sauders
    1998-99   Penny Hamdi, Frances Powers, Amanda Rinehart
    1999-00   Erica Deitch, Rebecca Noble, Breanne Gearhart, Heather Hamilton Drake
    2000-01   Erica Deitch, Amy Harris, Hollie Konneman, Kristen Saunders
    2001-02   Jamie Johnson, Hope Stalsworth, Tina Weister
    2002-03   Anna Dawby, Piper Dixon, Katie Hall, Brook Henderson
    2003-04   Ashley Baker, Maria Compton, Laura Yepson
    2004-05   Hannah Shelby, Tessa Stewart, Lilia Toson, Zakiya Tanner
    2005-06   Amanda Flanigan, Allyson Fry, Megan Kovis
    2006-07   Lucy Akins, Krista Bartelsmeyer, Debra Bowman
    2007-08   Ashley Billinger, Melissa Herschlag, Christine Pryor
    2008-09   Rachael Aunspaugh, Lydia Downey, Sarah Hartenberger
    2009-10   Dawn Ferguson, Emily Keenan
    2010-11   Heather Marshall, Megan McConnell
    2011-12   Samantha Kendrick, Megan McConnell, Amber Reynolds
    2012-13   Selene Hernandez, Samantha Kendrick, Mariah Marsden
    2013-14   Emily Lynch, Amanda McKinney, Betty Yuggu
    2014-15   Anavice Jimenez, Kate McFerren, Rebecca Roach
    2015-16   Brooklyn Bradley, Cari Hill, Ericka DaMitz
    2016-17   Caris Boegl, Erin Melton, Tana Pottorf
    2017-18   Luce Apollon, Cassidy Hensen, Aubrey Kent
    2018-19   Haley Uttley, Emily Hicks, Zoee Risdal
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  • Women's Council Projects


    Sponsored tours & lunch to Nelson Art Gallery for Scholarship fund


    Achievement Day - prepared invitations for the mail


    Library - Lectern and Memorial Book inside foyer of donations and persons' names


    President’s Home - Exhibit W. F. Yates Collection “Galaxy of Glass”


    Semple Hall - Piano


    Library - Inventoried memorabilia (pictures, books, various artifacts given to College by missionaries and friends of the College


    Campus - 16 trees added and planted by Woman’s Committee members


    Campus - First tree planting then expanded to add another 100 trees


    Campus - Trash containers


    Campus - 8 Benches set in concrete


    Campus - Tree fertilizer


    Library - Brochures for W. F. Yates “Galaxy of Glass” on permanent display


    Campus - Campus scenes (artwork) by Miss Olive De Luce


    Field House - Reception area - furnishings


    Liberty Contemporary Expression Festival - mailing, information meetings, and promoted local interest


    Gano Hall - Hostesses of Jose Molina Ballet Company tour


    Mabee Center - David Plunks “Cardinal” print


    Mabee Center - Lobby furniture, painting and plaque


    Brown Hall - 1st floor lobby furniture and furnishings


    Fine Arts Office - Frames for special publicity posters


    Library - Book “Modern Drama In Theory and Practice - Volume 3”


    Student Admissions waiting/conference rooms - Pedestal, lamp and silk flowers


    Library Foyer - A lectern and memorial book of donations and persons' names


    Library - Purchased student artwork


    Library - Framed student artwork


    Grand River Chapel - Coat racks, pamphlet holders, and outside landscaping


    Brown Hall - Reupholstered love seat


    Green Hall - Table lamps


    Music Center - 6 crab trees planted


    Yates Union - Automatic “rolling” toaster unit


    WJC Entrance (Mill St./Liberty Dr.) - Rose and shrub garden around fountain


    Yates College Union - Created “First Ladies” Gallery (lighting, portraits, pamphlets and dedication)


    Campus - Added trees as part of the 150 tree campaign


    Christmas Tree Festival - Proceeds for Scholarship Fund and Campus and President’s Home Christmas trim


    President’s Home - Hostesses for Tour of Homes (Liberty)


    President’s Home - “Hospitality shower” - added formal dishes and silver


    Melrose Hall - Lamps and artwork (commons area)


    President’s Home - Concrete flower boxes for porches


    President's Home - 5 artificial Christmas trees sizes 3 to 7-1/2 feet and 314 feet of interior and exterior greenery garland


    Semple Hall - Lounge renovation and "Sempley Tiled" campaign - furniture, rugs, artwork and accents; purchase and installation of ceramic tile for lounge


    Sponsored Chocolate reception - Rachel Lee Concert for Scholarship fund


    Brunch and Tour of George Caleb Bingham exhibit at the Truman Library


    Second chocolate reception at the Discovery Concert for Scholarship Fund

    2013-15 50 by 50 celebration campaign to increase Scholarship Endowment to $50,000
    2014 Connie Dover Benefit Concert as part of 50 by 50 campaign
    2015 Yates-Gill College Union – Updated brochure for First Ladies Gallery
    2016 Campaign to add to Scholarship Endowment in Honor of Mary Sallee
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