Alumni Board of Governors

Hosting service awards and the pre-game celebration at Homecoming are a few ways this group serves fellow alumni.

Alumni Board of Governors

The Alumni Board of Governors fosters ongoing relationships with William Jewell College and supports and celebrates alumni and student success.

This board represents the alumni of William Jewell College who have a deep and abiding interest in promoting the welfare of the College and keeping the alumni community connected. To ensure all alumni are fairly represented, including recent graduates, the board consists of 24 elected governors and three officers. Fifteen positions are distributed equally among the five most recent decades. Four board positions represent the decades before the five most recent decades, and five board positions are designated as at-large positions. Members serve three-year terms. 

This active group of volunteers meets four to five times a year and works on committees between meetings. Their committees include Awards and Nominations, Career Mentors, Events and Future Alumni. They also annually recognize distinguished alumni during Homecoming and host the Pre-Game Celebration during Homecoming weekend.


President: Deana McCrossen Zahnd, ’88 
President-Elect: Doug Day, ’91
Past President: Ken Personett, ’79

1960-1969: Sue Meyer Wright, ’66; Karen Vaughn, ’67; A.J. Byrd, ’69

1970-1979: Larry Harman, ’75; Jim Shoemaker, ’75; Mark Morris, ’76

1980-1989: Brian Richards, ’82; Lori Burnham Withers, ’82; Amy Brown Duncan, ’88

1990-1999: Amy Chastain Anderson, ’91; Tony True, ’91

2000-2009: Michael Patton, ’05; Kyle Stingley ’08; Jessica Sudduth Cline, ’09; Jared Mathes, ’09 

2010-2019: Bradley Dice, ’16; Madison Giles, ’18 

At Large: Carrie Ringot Bartlow, ’03; Shara Clevenger Brice, ’91; Jill McCoig Hicks, ’96; Mark Stevenson, ’09

Serving Jewell

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Board of Governors members play an active role in Jewell alumni events, engagement, communication and support.