The Link Project

Construction is Underway!

Construction on The Link Project began in June 2023 with the project being completed in two phases. Phase one includes the new Ascent Road, The Grove, the Hillside Terraces, the east side of the Art Walk, two new parking lots, the Amphitheater Stadium and underground infrastructure and utilities to create the pad-ready site for the Carlene Basore Chrisman Center. Phase two of the project includes construction of the Carlene Basore Chrisman Center and a new stadium press box.

About the project 

The Link is a necessary capital improvement impacting the William Jewell experience from the moment of arrival on campus. The Project incorporates five main elements:

  • Ascent Road: A new entrance road and access improvements
  • The Grove: A tree-lined walkway and campus arrival point
  • Carlene Basore Chrisman Center: A multipurpose building featuring academic studio and classrooms, fitness, athletic and social spaces. Read about the Chrisman family and legacy of Jewell's first female athlete.
  • Hillside Terraces and Kemper Art Walk: Outdoor spaces for recreation, conversation and culture
  • Amphitheater Stadium: Stadium seating set into the hillside and a new press box

With increased construction costs, inflation and supply chain demands, the project increased to $30 million, $10 million more than our original projections. Phasing the project allows us to continue raising the final dollars needed to complete the project while moving forward with construction.  

“We are grateful for the academic rigor we experienced at Jewell and the opportunities it provided us. The richness of the student journey, both learning and living, is the foundation for one’s success in college. The In Pursuit campaign allows the College to transform physical spaces into dynamic and rich experiences for students, alumni, faculty, and staff, and for visitors to The Hill. As alumni and donors, we are thrilled to serve as honorary co-chairs for The Link Project to help carry out Jewell’s vision of providing a space where students can connect with each other, and their individual health and wellness. We hope you will join us!”

Wanda and Dan O'Dell

A word from our students

Four students share brief thoughts on the significant advances to our campus culture through the funding, design and ultimate construction of The Link Project. Jewell President Elizabeth MacLeod Walls offers an introduction.

Site Features

The Link Project with its five main elements will serve the entire William Jewell College community: current and prospective students, faculty and staff, and alumni. The facility will also serve the broader area through camps, sporting events, collegiate conference championships, community events, campus celebrations and student recruitment. As a result, the project will reach community members of all ages, socio-economic status, and gender and ethnic representation.

  • Ascent Road

    This will be a new entrance road beginning at Mill Street and the Terry Barnes Memorial Fountain. The road will curve up the hill east of the White Science Center and ends at The Grove, a tree-lined walkway that connects the Pryor Learning Commons with the new Carlene Basore Chrisman Center. Other access improvements will encourage bicycle and pedestrian access within and connecting to The Link Project.

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  • The Grove

    A tree-lined walkway and campus arrival point provides a beautiful and strong first and lasting impression of campus for prospective students, their families and the community. Among the trees will be a campus way-finding directory and benches.

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  • Carlene Basore Chrisman Center

    The centerpiece of the project, the 56,000 square-foot-building will be a state-of-the-art multipurpose facility for health and wellness, fitness, athletics, academic studio and classrooms and social space. The facility will specifically include fitness and workout rooms, dance and event studio, a sports medicine facility and locker rooms for the football, basketball and volleyball teams.

    The performance arena will include basketball and volleyball courts for practice and competition and a second-floor walking and running track. Bleachers on all sides of the gym floor will give flexibility for game-day spectators as well as campus-wide functions, including matriculation and graduation ceremonies.

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  • Hillside Terraces and Kemper Art Walk

    Where currently there is a barren, unused hillside, there will become a series of four large, flattened terrace spaces for outdoor gatherings or classes, a sculpture garden (part of the Kemper Art Walk), walking and bike path, and recreation spaces for reading, conversation, Frisbee, croquet, bocce, etc. 

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  • Amphitheater Stadium

    This element will replace the antiquated stadium and will fit seamlessly into the east end of the Hillside Terraces. The gulch will be filled, providing level access to the amphitheater seating from both the Link and lower Hillside Terrace. There will be unobstructed views of the field from the Hillside Terraces.

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