Mentoring Scholars

Alumni are giving back by sharing expertise with Jewell's best and brightest.

President's Scholar Mentors

The President's Scholars Program provides networking opportunities for high-achieving students who qualify for a Premier or Oxbridge Scholarship. As a part of the program, these students are paired with a community leader or Jewell alum, who provides mentorship, encouragement and opportunities for connecting with leaders from across different sectors of the business and nonprofit world.

This program is part of our larger effort to engage more directly with industry leaders and provide pathways for prospective students to engage with Jewell. It is our goal to link students’ curricular knowledge with relevant experiences in the external marketplace. 

Our students carry the responsibility of reaching out, asking questions and engaging with their mentors. Mentors, in turn, provide a listening ear and seek opportunities for students to participate in events or professional gatherings that would broaden their awareness of issues affecting modern industry. Mentors meet with students an average of once per semester and are invited to attend receptions or dinners with all Scholars and Mentors throughout the year. Dr. MacLeod Walls also hosts a special welcome reception for President’s Scholars during the summer and meets with them quarterly on campus. Last year, we had 11 President's Scholars. 

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