Campaign Priorities

In Pursuit: Jewell’s Campaign for the Future has three priority areas: People, Places and Programs



Jewell brings together exceptional faculty as mentors and collaborators and the most promising students with high aspirations to succeed in their futures. Meet some of our students and faculty.


The richness of a student’s experience comes in both learning and living. For Jewell, a residential campus requires inviting and comfortable living spaces, inviting outside spaces for socialization and facilities that promote a healthy lifestyle. Check out the new spaces on campus funded by In Pursuit.


We are dedicated to giving all students a full, rewarding experience. And we also enrich our community. We prioritize degrees that lead to critical thinkers. We promote workforce and economic development and form productive partnerships. We support ambitious young athletes striving toward success on the field or court. We offer arts and culture events. Read about our programs that support students, faculty, and the community.

“There is no better time to be a Cardinal! The Jewell community is defined by its people—from the outstanding faculty to dedicated staff to our students who become leaders in their respected career fields. When you give, you are changing lives by educating the next generation of critical thinkers and the newest members of our alumni body. In Pursuit offers our community a chance to create a vibrant future together for Jewell.”

Susan Chambers, '90, former trustee and In Pursuit supporter

Why I give

Darren Prenger, ’03, President/COO, ECCO Select

"The critical thinking skills, tools, and experiences I obtained at Jewell prepared me to view the world with curiosity, empathy, and a passion for truth. The Hill fostered an environment that promoted competition and a commitment to excellence. ECCO Select mirrors these characteristics and we believe these qualities are essential to any organization or community."

The Link

Connecting mind, body and spirit

The Link Project is the largest capital project ever undertaken at Jewell. Both a transformation of a physical space and an enhancement of campus life, current and prospective students, faculty, staff, alumni and visitors will benefit from this magnificent facility.

See photos and plans

Priorities at a Glance

The following strategic priorities intentionally suggests the possibility of a better future for all who embrace Jewell’s commitment to critical thinking and especially to our students who will become leaders in their respective career fields in Kansas City and across the globe. Fueled by philanthropy, Jewell students will be equipped to pursue meaningful lives beyond The Hill.

  • Investment in People

    • Faculty
    • Jewell Fund
    • Scholarships
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  • Investment in Places

    • The Link Project
    • Jewell Street Hillside Beautification
    • Revitalized Residential Experirence
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  • Investment in Programs

    • Academic Innovations
    • Athletics
    • Critical Thinking Initiatives
    • Harriman-Jewell Series
    • Marketing/Enrollment Initiatives
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